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Lacy Support Bra Kits

Lacy Support Bra Kits

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This kit contains:

  • Microduoplex bra fabric
  • Power net (choose regular or firm weight)
  • 1 1/2 or 2 yards of stretch lace dyed to match
    • Laces marked with an asterisk get 1 1/2 yards 
  • Channeling
  • 5/8" upper facing elastic
  • 3/8" lower facing elastic
  • 3 hooks and eyes 
  • Twill tape for seam stabilization
  • Strap elastic (with rings and slides for strap styles) and/or strap interfacing
  • Underwires. 

For many sizes, you have enough fabric to make 2 bras. To get the most out of your supplies, order a bra finishing kit in the same or a complimentary color to get a second bra out of your kit.

Shown is Daffodil with lace 220.


Layer your stretch lace over microduoplex or stabilized sheer lining (available as a Lacy Sheer Bra Kit) to have both support and beauty. The microduoplex is buttery soft, never ravels or frays and is almost indestructible. If you've used other duoplex for your bra building, you'll be delighted with our microduoplex. It has all the features of the polyester duoplex available elsewhere, but it has a lovely hand and conforms to your shape even better. Pairing microduoplex with stretch lace provides all the support of microduoplex, and adds the beauty of the lace. Our Lacy Support kits are available in a wide range of lovely colors, both vibrant and neutral and can be paired with any of our lace. Don't forget that our white laces can match any of our colors.

There are three supportive power net options to choose with your lacy support bra. Use our medium weight power net for 75% stretch, great comfort, and very good support. Use our 50% stretch firm weight power net for even more support. This power net is light, airy and breathable, and it still has excellent support. Our extra-firm power net is another 50% stretch firm weight power net, but it is more rigid and structured for the figure that might want to spill out of the back and sides. The extra-firm weight is the power net that Bravo Bella carried for much of 2017 and 2018.

Sewing Notes:

When working with a stretch fabric layered over a stable fabric like stretch lace over microduoplex or stabilized sheer lining, remember to cut your stretchy fabric a bit smaller than the stable fabric. Vary the amount that you reduce based upon the size of the piece that you're sewing. For larger pieces, you might want to reduce by a scant 1/4", but for a small section it might just be 1/16".

The strength of our microduoplex fabric, which makes it so wonderful for bras, also makes it hard to puncture with needles and pins. This is true with most duoplex fabrics. Use either fine silk pins or Wonder Clips to pin (I find Wonder Clips work best), and a Microtex 80/12 needle with a smooth thread like Superior Threads So Fine or Mettler Metrosene to make it easy to sew. In my testing, the So Fine thread and Microtex 80/12 won the challenge of the nicest stitch on microduoplex, and as long as my presser foot completely covered the seam allowance, I found it just as easy to sew as quilting cotton. I moved the needle to the right to set my seam allowance at 1/4" since my presser foot is a bit wide.

We offer all these pins, clips, needles and thread here on our site.