Great Bra Sewing Bee orders are in process. They will ship as soon as possible, and all orders will be delayed. Non-sale orders will take priority. We're working as fast as we can :). Come back soon for our full range of products. Thank you!

COVID 19 Updates


Flame is on the way, but things are slow. It may not be immediately available when you order. 



After losing several packages in international shipping since the pandemic began, we have decided to ship all international parcels via DHL. DHL has its own aircraft and its own customs clearing operations.

How will this work:

  1. All international shipments except Canada will be calculated with free shipping. Once the order is received we will estimate the DHL shipping charges based upon our best guess. You will receive an email letting you know about what it will cost to ship your parcel. Once you agree to the estimated price we will proceed with your order. Please check your SPAM filter since some of our messages are now being routed there.
  2. Once your order is ready to go we can give an actual shipping cost, and will send you an invoice for the shipping charges. Please check your SPAM filter since some of our messages are now being routed there. 
  3. Once you pay your shipping invoice we'll contact DHL and ship your order. 

I'm able to get decent rates for DHL shipping, so I'm hoping that the prices will be comparable to USPS rates but a bit more. For the most part, larger orders are closer to the same rate and smaller orders are more economical via the postal service. Unfortunately, the postal service is no longer reliable.

I'll keep you posted on how things are going. We'll get through all this together!