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Sneak Peek

Have you offered to be one of our Featured Artists? This page will give you a sneak peek into the kits we have coming out in the future or have just released but don't yet have a bra made up in the kit. Take a look around and see which ones speak to you. Then send me pictures and drawings and ideas on how you would bring these kits to life. There isn't any limit -- you can offer ideas on one or on all! I ask that you keep these quiet until they are offered on the site. I think people really like the surprise of the new kits when they are released. I'll give you a brief description of what I have in mind, but please feel free to suggest different colors, materials or options to go with specific laces.

Currently in the plans or recently released...

  This pretty apricot butterfly tulle lace will be available as a lace, with a kit as an option in the future. It looks lovely with Rosy Glow and Peaches, and there is a little accent of a golden yellow in the embroidery also. The motif is larger. This is a lace where you'll need both sides of the mirror as a separate piece. It's 9.5" or 25cm.
This is one our new collection, the Neutral Collection. It matches beautifully with Tawny, and is beautiful without being loud or showy. There are small flowers embroidered in the body of the lace, and the intricate embroidery at the top is gorgeous. It's a tulle lace, and does not require mirroring since it is symmetrical. It's 9" or 23.5cm.
This is number 2 in our Neutral Collection. It's a stretch lace in a lovely taupe, and there will be a new color to match with it. It's very soft, has an amazing pattern and glisten, but is completely neutral. It's 8.5" or 23cm wide.
This is the third lace in our Neutral Collection. One of my gals said that it reminded her of Raspberry Hot Chocolate because it has just a hint of purple in this light taupe. This lace works well with a legacy color, Rosewood. There is embroidery on both sides of the lace. It's 10" or 26cm wide.
This is the fourth lace in our Neutral Collection, and it's a new style that I'm trying. If you look at La Perla (fancy French bras), you'll see that they have a number of styles featuring a highly textured lace. This is a Guipure lace, so you can cut the little strands and mold the lace to the curved surface. This one is a perfect match with Antique Rose and is 6.75" or 18cm and is called "String of Pearls."
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Meet the lace for Innocence 2, a follow-on to our popular Innocence kit that was out several months ago. It has just a hint of pink, and will be offered with Antique Rose fabrics and elastics, for a soft look. It's a stretch lace and is 9.25" or 24cm. 
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This is the second option for the November kit of the month, and this one comes with a bronze leaf for the center gore. The color on this lace is more of a putty (which we will either create or offset with a vivid stretch satin). This Guipure lace is 7.5" or 21cm.
This is a more traditional choice for November with its golden browns, warm yellows and copper accents. Our legacy color Sand is a great match for the golden brown, and we'll create a color for the yellow (although it's hard to see, the flowers are a subtle yellow).  This tulle lace is mirrored on a different piece, is 8.5" or 23cm and has no stretch.
Here is our final kit for November, and it features our Legacy color Blackberry Cream. We thought it would be perfect with Plum Pudding, but there is just a bit too much red in the embroidery. The rich purple-y tones in the lace are a great mix with that color, and the combination of swirls and flowers make this the perfect fall bra. This non-stretch tulle lace is 8.25" or 22cm. 
This is the beginning of our Christmas story this year. We have 2 non-stretch eyelash laces, 2 women's prints, 1 men's print and possibly one crushed velvet. This berry color has gold accents and fuchsia threads outlining the motifs. We're looking at a burgundy Stretch Satin to go with this lace. It is 9.75" or  26cm wide.

This non-stretch eyelash lace coordinates with the berry up above, and is a rich green with gold accents and blue threads outlining the motifs. It will have a coordinating bamboo jersey print. It is 9.75" or 26cm wide. 




This is our Valentine lace for the February kit for 2022. We'll have a cute bamboo jersey print to coordinate. It is a symmetrical non-stretch tulle lace and is 7.25" or 20cm. I'm not sure how we'll put it together just yet.