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Nikki Griffin

As an 8-year-old child at my grandmother’s knee, I begged her to teach me to sew on her broken machine.  My grandmother’s spirit of determination was not going to stop her from teaching me this valuable craft.  One hot summer day, she gathered me and some fabric and taught me how to make my first garment…by hand.  Without the use of a machine, I cut and created about 10 halter tops and was the most fashionable little girl on the block. After my halter top creation, I spent years dismantling and upcyling my old clothes, creating styles that caught everyone’s eye. I got my first sewing machine at 12 years old and I’ve been sewing ever since. I followed my dreams and spent 30 years in the fashion industry in retail, merchandising and sales.  I have been taught by some of the top designers in the industry and I want to share what I have learned over the decades with you.  Consider this your invitation into the community that I have built! 

Nikki's website is a great place to start for beginning bra-builders. She offers Beginner's Bra Making classes in her Live Zoom Sewing Room, a current and fun environment to learn everything you need to know about sewing a bra. Ask her about private and group lessons.

Subscribe to Nikki's Sewing Style Community to register for classes, learn about new classes and become a part of her sewing community. You can ask questions on her website with a Chat Box feature on every page. Nikki has tons of information for you, from a Sewing Vocabulary page to a Sewing Blog and even some downloadable patterns!  Nikki also does private Bra Making Sessions from measuring, pattern sizing and fit adjustments - all valuable when making a bra. Let Nikki help you find your perfect fit to get your bra making journey off to a great start! 

 Sewing My Style

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