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Blazing Brilliance Bamboo Jersey Print Yardage
Blazing Brilliance Bamboo Jersey Print Yardage
Blazing Brilliance Bamboo Jersey Print Yardage

Blazing Brilliance Bamboo Jersey Print Yardage

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 This listing is for yardage that we are offering in this print. All of our bamboo kits are available in this print, find those listings here. For our Fresh Collective Bamboo Kits, go here. Our collection of Bamboo Prints can be found here. Find our patterns here!

This print is hot! Even though it's flowers mounding all over each other, it seems like a firestorm of flowers with the bright, bold, hot color palette. I remember once having a bra in a fire print, and I had so many people ask for it. This gives the same effect as a sizzling hot blaze, but it isn't quite as literal. Are you going to heat up the winter, or echo the summer. I can see merit to both! Our matching colors are Azalea, Stilettos, Beachcomber Coral, Persimmon, Pumpkin, Monarch, Sunshine, Phlox, Orchid and Boysenberry.

Our soft and luxurious Bamboo Jersey is a beautiful fabric for so many things! It makes wonderful beginner bralettes, and is amazing for undershirts and undies for any age. Our bamboo lycra jersey is a great choice for  structured bra cups when paired with a stable cup fabric like sheer cup lining, and you can jazz up your bra by covering the band with the same or a coordinating print. It also works well for a T-shirt bra. You can make a matching bra or bralette and panty set, and the 4-way stretch of the lycra jersey makes it very comfortable. Bamboo jersey is also a natural for men's boxer briefs. Every man that I have heard of loves his bamboo jersey boxer briefs!

This fabric is opaque and provides great coverage. There is an 85% stretch in the fabric in both dimensions. To make it super easy to sew, saturate it with liquid starch to tame the stretch while sewing, and cut it 1/8" to 1/4" smaller than the stable fabric when making the non-stretch elements of your garment. It is light and bouncy and it doesn't ravel. Our bamboo is also very durable - during testing, we've learned it can withstand unpicking seams without getting small holes like many knits.

Bamboo jersey prints, like all our fabrics, are sold by the half-yard, and average 60" wide.