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Forested Bamboo Jersey Print Yardage
Forested Bamboo Jersey Print Yardage
Forested Bamboo Jersey Print Yardage

Forested Bamboo Jersey Print Yardage

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This listing is for yardage that we are offering in this print. All of our bamboo kits are available in this print, find those listings here. For our Fresh Collective Bamboo Kits, go here. Our collection of Bamboo Prints can be found here. Find our patterns here!

When I was deciding which prints to choose for our family collections, I chatted with a couple of young people in their teens and twenties. They said that the most important thing about what they wanted was to have something that didn't call attention to itself. This print is for those folks. It's lovely, understated, interesting without being loud, neither macho nor girly, just nice for both guys and gals. Our matching colors for elastics or other garments are Frost, Bark, Oyster, Seafoam, Ariel Blue, Rain, Smoke, Lady Gray and Midnight.

You have some choices when you're putting together undergarments for your wee ones. A great way to extend your fabric usage is to use elastic to finish your garments rather than self fabric bands. With careful cutting and smart use of elastic, we've gotten 2 full undie/ short cami sets for a 9 year old plus a pair of undies for her little sister out of a half yard of fabric (with 3 yds FFO, 1 yd Crochet Elastic and 3/4 y Wide Plush), and 3 pairs of boys' briefs size 12 with a non-working fly and a pair of undies for the little sister out of another half yard (with three cuts of 3/4 yard Wide Plush and 2 yards of FOE). Leave us a note if you order more than one piece of Bamboo and we'll combine your yardage- this is one way to pick more colors of elastic! Our bamboo fabric is amazingly soft, completely breathable, holds up wash after wash and can withstand a fair amount of unpicking without making holes or other unfortunate accidents. Even our older kids choose their bamboo first when it's time to dress or pack for a trip -- this fabric is sooo comfortable! Even the sweaty teen athlete prefers bamboo undies above the all others!

We've got some basic tables for your reference. This chart assumes that you will use elastic instead of bands or binding. 

Garment Size

Main Fabric Amount

 Elastic per garment Number of Garments
Toddler Training Pants F1/4 1 1/2 yd 2
Girls 12M-10 F1/4 2 yds 2
Boys Briefs 12M-10 F 3/8
  • 1 1/2 yds
  • 3/4 yd waist
Children's Boxer-Briefs 12M-10 F1/4 3/4 yard waist 1-2
Short Cami/Bralette 1/4
  • 1 yd Strap+RS or 1 yd Foldover Elastic
  • 3/4 yd lower band

Lots of little ones love to match their siblings and parents. Our bamboo lycra jersey is a great choice for structured bra cups when paired with a stable cup fabric like sheer cup lining, and you can jazz up your bra by covering the band with the same or a coordinating print. It also works well for a T-shirt bra. You can make a matching bra or bralette and panty set, and the 4-way stretch of the lycra jersey makes it very comfortable. Bamboo jersey is also a natural for men's briefs and boxer briefs. Every man that I have heard of loves his bamboo jersey underwear! You can find these kits in the links below. Select "Other" if your print isn't an option, and write in your choice along with accent color.

This fabric is opaque and provides great coverage. There is an 85% stretch in the fabric in both dimensions. It is light and bouncy and it doesn't ravel.

Bamboo jersey prints, like all our fabrics, are sold by the half-yard, and average 60" wide.