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Harley Men's Underwear Kit

Harley Men's Underwear Kit

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When you purchase one of our men's underwear kits, we take the guesswork out by putting everything you'll need together for you to make a a pair of men's underwear using your own pattern.

I live in Wisconsin, the home of Harley Davidson motorcycles, so this print had a special appeal. Our Harley bamboo jersey print is so cool whether you own a Harley or not! I'm not sure if it's the vintage vibe, the cool motorcycles or the flames, this is on cool print!

We all know how much we like our me-made underwear, and we are guessing your man will love his! Bra Builders is pleased to offer Men's Underwear Kits to our customers as an alternative to buying  the high priced men's underwear that are sold in fine department stores and online specialty shops.  Use the Bramakers Supply Men's Underwear Pattern   or another pattern that  suits your guy and sew a pair of men's underwear just like the expensive brands. The Bramakers Supply pattern that we carry is for boxer briefs, but there are lots of other patterns out there for men's underwear. Choose your favorite pattern, and with it and this luxurious Harley bamboo jersey fabric, you can make an ultra soft, fashionable and quality pair of men's underwear. 

You can make more than one pair of men's underwear by combining your Harley bamboo jersey with Microlycra or combine it with our new Modal underwear kits. The Modal is another soft, breathable fabric which is wonderful for underwear. It's only available in black since it doesn't dye well with our dye process. Not to worry! You can use some of your leftover print to accent your plain underwear for that custom look.

Each Smaller kit will come with:

  • 1/2 yard of Harley bamboo jersey
  • 1 1/2 yards of Wide Plush Elastic in Black for the waistband
  • 15" x 18" Black Stretch Mesh

Each Larger kit will come with:

  • 3/4 yard of Harley bamboo jersey
  • 2 yards of Wide Plush Elastic in Black for the waistband
  • 15" x 18" Black Stretch Mesh