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Sun King Bamboo Jersey Bra and Panty Kit
Sun King Bamboo Jersey Bra and Panty Kit

Sun King Bamboo Jersey Bra and Panty Kit

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Please note that if any of our bamboo knit kits are showing "sold out", please reach out to us by email and we will see if we can put one together for you!

Throughout history, there has been no more lavish and opulent royal residence than the Palace of Versailles. Extravagant, lush and magnificent this 17th century French palace is still known as the very peak of grandeur in all of Europe. Our new winter print takes it's name from the resident and creator of this rich and luxurious palace, Louis  XIV of France -"The Sun King".  From the ornate gold foliage scrolling throughout to the beautiful placement of royal blue and shades of purple roses, pansies and hyacinths - with the occasional golden yellow buttercup and daffodil tucked in - this floral masterpiece is gorgeous. Add to that the small golden canaries standing guard just like you would imagine in a 17th century French court and this print emanates French Royalty. It is stunning. Liz of Liz Sews made up the Sun King set pictured here for us using the Simplicity 8229 Bra pattern and for the panties she used the Studio Costura Stella Hipsters pattern. 

The Sun King print featured on the bra and panties is luxurious, with a 4-way stretch and perfect recovery. Bamboo jersey is a great fabric for lingerie -- antibacterial, breathable, soft, light, airy and altogether yummy. Because the print is a 4-way stretch knit you can cover the band of your bra with the print for an all-over look. The bra kit will come with your choice of Frost or Midnight materials underneath. You may choose either Frost or Midnight for your band materials and the channeling for under the cups. If you use Frost, the colors will appear  more true. If you choose to go with Midnight it will blend well with the print for a more cohesive look but the colors will be softened. You will also get Frost or Midnight twill tape. If you order self straps you will receive a small piece of white strap elastic to add a bit of flexibility to the strap. If you want an elastic strap it will match your accent color. The hook and eye unit will also be dyed to your accent color. Some gals like to use Spacer Foam under the cups to add a bit more body to the cup, and you can order a kit cut of spacer in Frost or Midnight for this purpose. If your preference is a bralette, we are also offering Sun King in a Sun King Bamboo Jersey Bralette Kit.  The Bra Kit and the Panty Kit are also each sold separately.

Bamboo jersey is also a beautiful fabric for panties! It is exceptionally soft, breathable, and is reported to be anti-microbial also. It has a lovely soft stretch and perfect recovery. You can pair your bamboo jersey print with any of our panty elastics dyed to your accent color. The Wide Daisy Elastic is a great waistband and helps avoid that dreaded muffin top. Our panty picots are soft and a breeze to apply. Our ultra-thin gives you stealth panties. The elastic is so thin that it disappears. The foldover elastics are great, and lots of patterns give great instructions for applying them. I especially like the fancy foldover. The plush is super soft and the fold line in the middle makes applying it easy peasy. Finally, choose our 1/2" or 1/4" non-picot elastic for an enclosed elastic option. You can choose to double or triple the yardages of your panty elastics and they'll be cut as a single piece. This gives you the best utilization of your elastics.

A Bra and Panty Kit contains:

  • 5/8 Yard (Smaller) or 1 Yard (Larger) of Sun King Bamboo Jersey fabric
  • Half yard of Sheer Cup Lining in Frost or Midnight
  • Kit Cut of Powernet (specify regular or firm weight) in Frost or Midnight
  • 1 1/2 yards of 3/8" band elastic in your accent color
  • 1 1/4 yards of 5/8" band elastic in your accent color
  • 1 yard of plush channeling in Frost or Midnight
  • 18" of Twill tape for seam stabilization
  • A hook and eye unit (please specify 2, 3 or 4 hooks) in your accent color
  • A pair of underwires
  • Strap elastic
    • 6" plus interfacing for self straps
    • A yard and a half plus rings and slides for elastic straps 
  • 2.5 yards of Foldover elastic in your accent color for Smaller (unless otherwise specified)
  • 5 Yards of Foldover elastic in your accent color for Larger (unless otherwise specified)
  • 1 9"x9" square of white cotton jersey