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The Silks - Silk and Stretch Panty Kit

The Silks - Silk and Stretch Panty Kit

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Our Panty Kits make it easy to create your own undies. If you need a pattern, we have a great selection on our Patterns Page, both paper and downloadable. The panty shown was made using the Charlotte Knickers from Annie and Myra's.

Our luxurious Stretch Silk Satin makes undergarments like no other! With around 15% stretch, Silk makes a perfect companion to one of our stretch fabric bases for a comfortable pair of undies. Choose your silk color and we'll send your stretch fabric and elastics to match. A few of our silk colors don't have perfect matches, so they are not listed, but if you want a color not in the dropdown with a complimentary colored stretch fabric, just leave us a note in the comments! 

If you would like more silk, pop on over to our listing for silk yardage and we'll do our best to cut all your silk together! 

A Silk and Stretch Panty Kit



Stretch Silk Satin

Fat Quarter

1/2 yard

Matching Stretch Fabric

Fat 3/8 yard

3/4 yard

Waist Elastic

1 yards

2 yards

Leg Elastic 1 1/2 yards 3 yards

Cotton Jersey

9" x 9"

9" x 9"


Sewing Notes:

This satin sews like a dream! It's usually best to keep the silk against the feed dogs. Use silk pins like our Silk or Ultrafine pins. These didn't mar the fabric at all. The fabric doesn't seem to be fussy about needle size, but you should probably use a size 10 needle. Check out a few different scissors to find the best ones. The Clover Bordeaux Ultimate Shears worked great. I do not carry them since you can get them for the same price I can if you pop over to Amazon.