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Fall 2021 Seasonal Colors

It's a new season, so it must be time for a new set of seasonal colors! I am so excited by this gorgeous set! I finally found a formula for a true burnt orange, which we've called Burnished Copper since that is just what it looks like! These rich tones create such a beautiful palette with which you can create. I can't wait to see the landscape of garments that you all design!

From the top, we have that gorgeous Burnished Copper. It's more muted than Persimmon, more earthy than Poppy, richer and more subdued than Pumpkin. You'll find it on our October kit of the month.

Next down is Wheat, which is a yellow-based neutral. If you see it on its own, you think it is probably a yellow. When you see it like this, all put together, you think it's a neutral. It works perfectly with a couple of our newest laces. It's richer than Cream, more yellow than Latte, paler and more neutral than Chickie.

Our yellow this quarter is Butterscotch, which is just a really pretty yellow. We were looking for what ended up to be Wheat, but Butterscotch was so pretty and it looked so good with all this season's colors, we just had to include it in the lineup. It's more yellow than Topaz, warmer than Chickie, less brassy than Golden. 

Next is a favorite from previous seasons, Evergreen. It is a lovely green--muted, rich, a bit more on the blue side. Some fabrics and materials get more of the blue, so Sheer Cup Lining in Evergreen is quite blue. 

We have a new blue, Twilight. It's a slightly warm blue, but then we grayed it out and it's just lovely. It was developed to work with a beautiful new lace, Guinevere. We have a couple of Liberty kits that really make the  most of this color. 

One of our most popular colors is Plum Pudding, and it's back for the season! This is a beautiful eggplant purple -- rich and smoky. 

Finally, we have a kind-of-neutral, kind-of-red Mahogany. This color is so rich and warm, it looks just like the blazing red of a day walking through the woods at peak color, but richer. You're going to love it.

Here are all those lovely colors on elastic rather than on fabric: