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Shipping Information

We want you to have the best shipping experience possible, so we've partnered with the US Postal Service and charge based upon their charges. 

Domestic Shipments:

Any order less than 12 ounces will ship via first class package and be charged a flat rate. This rate may increase as the postal service increases their rates. If I can fit your items in an envelope which is less than 1/4" high and less than 2 ounces, I'll try to get it in an envelope and charge only $1.00 for shipping. This applies almost exclusively to small amounts of rings and slides. If I can do this, I'll refund the difference in postage to you. Please bear in mind that when we ship in an envelope there is a risk of things being mangled in the post office machinery, and there is no tracking on the shipment. Also, we have to hand write your address, so there is room for error there. Because this is not our standard practice, please remember to leave a note in your order or it will be shipped first class package, flat rate, as noted above. I wish I could do more, but these are the post office's rules. There is no insurance on these shipments.

An order weighing more than 12 ounces will be charged a flat rate based upon what the post office charges. This rate will increase as the post office increases their rates. You can also select UPS shipping for a more reliable option. It is often competitively prices with the post office rates on larger packages.

If you are worried that your shipment will be pirated after delivery, you may add a signature confirmation. This is the only way that we can ensure that someone will not take your shipment from your porch or mailbox. 

International Shipments:

We have 3 options for international shipping, USPS First Class Mail, UPS and DHL. DHL is much faster and more reliable than the post office and it's what I recommend. For a lower cost option you can use First Class Mail. Please know that it can take up to 2 months or more to get your package with First Class Mail.

When will my order ship?

We dye Standard and Seasonal colors on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We dye Legacy and Special colors on Tuesday and Thursday. We do our best to get your order into the next dyeing day, but it doesn't always work out. If I'm traveling or if I am in a period of high demand, it will likely take a bit longer. The first week of the month is almost always a slow delivery time as well as any time that I have sent out an email sharing new products. And the period around the Great Bra Sewing Bee can get pretty backed up. You'll get your order quickest if you avoid these times.

It is my desire to make you smile! Please feel free to leave order notes or send email with any special requests and I'll do my best to do whatever it takes to make you happy.