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About Us

Welcome to Bra Builders!

I've always loved fabrics. I began sewing when I was 10 years old, when my 2 older sisters wanted to do the 4-H sewing project. I tagged along, and kept at it even though they both quit. My first project was an apron, and I loved being able to choose the navy cotton fabric sprinkled with little daisies with yellow centers. I loved the navy, white and yellow color combination. I kept on sewing because at that time fabric was relatively inexpensive and clothing was out of my budget. We didn't have much and I really wanted to fit in. 

Later on, when I was a young professional, I found a shop in Connecticut that was filled to the brim with gorgeous underwear -- bras and panties and other lovely things. I had no idea that bras could be so pretty. I was single and had disposable income so I bought several, and I felt beautiful.

Then I moved to the middle of Wisconsin and bra became utilitarian again. The most important thing was comfort, and I wanted quality, but my choices revolved around beige and white. At least I was easy to fit. I didn't really think about bras at all.

Many years later when fabric was expensive and clothing was cheap, I took my teenage daughter out to buy her first bra. The sales people weren't particularly helpful, and my sweet girl, who was both excited and embarrassed, left feeling awful.

Sue and little Emma

Nothing was pretty. She felt like a little girl, not a young lady. And nothing fit quite right. I was shocked. I had no idea what a trial buying a bra could be. I discovered a Craftsy class about making bras, and I began to learn. My daughter was nearly levitating, thinking that she could have some pretty bras that fit her just right. I liked the notion of having some style in my underwear again. I began looking around for the materials that I would need and some guidance on how to use them. Whenever I would tell my friends what I was up to, there was a universal chorus, "Will you make one for me???" Even the men wanted me to connect up with their wives.

Several things happened at the same time right then. My daughter graduated from high school, and my years as a homeschooling mom were over. I was entering into a new season of life. Monica O'Rourke Bravo with Bravo Bella scheduled a class, and I was the first to sign up. The company that my husband worked for started to look shaky, and we were worried. I decided to go to California, take the class and begin sewing bras. Not just for myself and my girl, but for others, too.

At the class, Monica and I discovered that we had a lot in common, and we ended up in a long conversation at the end of the workshop. She loves engineering and structural design. She adores teaching. She has two adorable little boys and a full time teaching job. She also had a fabric store, which was only there to support her students. Unlike me, she didn't have a love affair with fabric. Four months later I was on my way from Wisconsin to California in my little SUV to pick up her store and bring it home. If you've had an order filled from Bravo Bella since August, that was actually me ;).

Sue and Monica in LA

I spend every day chirping with joy like a little cricket as I find beautiful fabrics, laces, elastics and tools for you. I am eager to give every budding bra builder the tools, materials and advice that I needed as I began my bra-making journey, and to support every bra builder as they create. I'm enough of an engineer to care very much that what you get works really well. I'm enough of an artist to care very much that it is beautiful. I've been working with fabrics and sewing for a very long time, and I know what's good. I can't wait to meet you!


A few fun facts about Sue:

Her family has pet ducks! You might see them from time to time here and there.

Emma and Dipsie

She spent 10 years in the Air Force a long time ago. She controlled air to air combat, ran live intercepts on Russian bombers in international airspace over Iceland, and helped to design a couple of aircraft.


Sue's husband is an electrical engineer, and is a real part of the Bra Builders team! He is a big reason that orders can now get out the same day or the next day most of the time. "Hey Honey, I need boiling water delivered on demand at the tap." Yeah, he did that! Thank you!!

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