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Tulle lace is typically embroidered and doesn't stretch. Some embroidered laces do stretch -- we call these Stretch Mesh laces. They have the features of both tulle lace and stretch lace. Most tulle laces are embroidered on one side and need a mirroring piece as a separate piece. Here at Bra Builders you can just ask that the lace is mirrored, which means that half of the yardage is cut on either side of the mirror. A few tulle laces are symmetrical and a few have 2 edges. Those usually don't need to be mirrored.

Stretch Lace generally has pattern on both sides, and the 2 different sides automatically mirror the pattern on each side. The stretch on a stretch lace usually goes down the length of the lace. Many stretch laces are dyed to a single color, and a few have multiple colors. This category of laces are generally has multiple colors. We have some stretch laces that can be dyed to any color we dye. Those are in a separate category, the Dye to Match category. 

We have a couple of different dye to match lace categories. The first is for our wider laces, and the second is for our undie and narrow laces. Both categories let you dye your laces to your color of choice. 

Guipure laces are composed of independent motifs that create the lace. They are special in that you can cut the little thread bars and mold them to your shape, ending up with a seamless look. 

Stretch Mesh laces are a cross between Tulle laces and Stretch laces. Like a tulle lace, they usually have a lovely embroidered motif. Like a stretch lace, they stretch, and often in all four directions.

Allover laces are like fabric, where the pattern is not on a narrow strip, it's all over the ground of a larger piece of fabric.