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Falling for the Fall 2023 Colors

There's no denying that it's fall around my town. Trees are resplendent with reds, oranges, purples, greens and yellows. Fall mums are everywhere, and people have straw bales and pumpkins in their yards. Some days are cooler, although here in early fall we still have some nice, warm days. 

I love the jeweled tones of autumn, but I need cool jewels like blues and purples. Others love those warm jewels like yellows and oranges. Our jewels are both warm and cool, and are all definitely fall! Here's what we have for you this quarter...

Pumpkin - this is a yellow-based orange, not too dark, not too light. We'll scoot this aside in December when we'll bring in a red.

Butterscotch - this is a warm, earthy yellow with just a hint of brown.

Evergreen - this is a blue-based green. It's still definitely green, but it's more on the cool side of green than the warm side.

Mallard - I love this color!! It's brand new this quarter, and is a deep teal. It's a bit more blue than green, but pretty much right in the middle.

Rain - This cool, dusty blue is a cross between blue, gray and lavender. 

Plum Pudding - a rich, warmish purple with dusty tones, this is one of many people's favorite colors.

Sand - this neutral is a golden brown.

Here are the colors on elastic: