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New Colors for Fall 2022

When I think of fall, I usually picture oranges and mossy greens. That is just exactly what our fall palette looked like last year. This year, our picks are a little different. They are muted, as you expect to see in the fall of the year, but they aren't super orange. As you see our kits roll out for the next three months, you'll see how they all fit in. Let's talk about them now...

Here they are!


From the left, the colors this quarter are:

  • Bark - a dusty brown. Bark is more cool than warm and is mid-toned, not deep chocolate like Espresso
  • Amethyst - this color was very popular the last time it was with us in 2020. Then, it was derived from a bad batch of dye. Now we've figured out the recipe so we can dye it repeatedly. It's a lovely grayed purple, not too dark, not too light.
  • Wedgewood - a cooler blue with a hint of purple. This color was with us in the first quarter of the year.
  • Emerald - a rich teal green. You'll see Emerald several places in the coming months! 
  • Cocoa Butter - a warm neutral creamy white with a yellow undertone. It's a bit richer than Buttermilk and more yellow than Cream, which has a tan undertone.
  • Rose Clay - a rich, warm slice of the desert, Rose Clay has the rosy tones of clay seen at sunset.
  • Flame - a lovely true red. This dye tends to migrate its color, but it's dyeing up lovely right now. 

 Here are the colors on elastic: