Check out our kits for the new bralette pattern from Cashmerette, the Loftus!

New Colors for the New Year - 2022

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest Seasonal palette! This set of colors reminds me of icy winter days. It has a few of those clear jewel tones as well, and of course it all works with things which are on the way for the first 3 months of 2022. This year we're adding a new element to our monthly and seasonal story by continuing to add new colors of our delightful stretch silk satin. We have a new color coming out each of the first 4 months of the year! 

Our first silk introduction is the ever-popular Latte, which is a beautiful match with our Seasonal color Latte. We love the way this looks with several of our laces for the first quarter, especially the Sepia lace.

For our dyed colors, we have a lovely set of 7. They include...

  • Latte - a light neutral beige. This color was one of our most popular colors in our Legacy stable, but it can be a tricky one! We're bringing it back for a season, so this is the time to indulge your Latte love!
  • Frosted Petals - a pinky beige, perfect with the Frosted Petals silk and a great match with several of our newest laces. It's cooler than Antique Rose. Check it out with Rosebud and Sepia -- lovely!
  • Rosy Glow - a warm, rich peachy pink. You should see this with our print Winter Bride -- it is amazing! I also love the way it picks up the rosy breasts on the birds in Birches.
  • Lemon Lover - this is an icy, lemony yellow. It is a lovely color, almost like lemon chiffon.
  • Pistachio - This light green is so perfect for early spring, which is exactly what we'll be encountering at the end of this quarter. I might just have something planned for the March kit ;).
  • Wedgewood - I love this mid-tone saturated blue with just a hint of purple. It isn't an exact match for the china, but it's close, and it matches one of our prints exactly. You'll see this color shine in the January kit of the month.
  • Boysenberry - We created this color during our Bradvent Calendar assembly, and we just love it! It's a clear violet purple, and it works super well with our Stretch Lace 214, which has been waiting patiently for that perfect match. It's also a great match with our Winter Bride print. 

Here are the colors on both fabrics and elastics: