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Spring 2023 Seasonal Colors

It’s spring! I love the fresh, bright colors that seem to pop out all around. The world is giving birth to the next generation of blossom and bird. I’m expecting the first eggs from the ducks any day now. Glorious spring!

Our colors this season are rich and vibrant, and several of them are brand new! We have Persimmon and Chickie (the orange and yellow) coming back into rotation, but all the rest are new. I think you might find a few favorites! Here's a peek at them in all their boldness:

Let's start at the red end of the spectrum and end up with our new neutral. For the red, we have Lollipop. This is a pinkish red or a reddish pink. It's relatively neutral for a red, but maybe just a bit on the cool side.

For the orange, we have Persimmon. This is a saturated orange, and is on the yellow side of orange, not the red side. It's absolutely beautiful.

For the yellow, there's Chickie. Chickie is a natural yellow, so it isn't real lemony or loud. There is just a touch of brown, which leaves it mellow and nice.

There's a new green in town, and it's called Jade. This color popped into a few Advent calendars as it came about as a bit of an accident when we were dyeing up Bridges Blue. The color went a little green, and we loved the gorgeous gray-green softness of it. 

Bluebells has never been a seasonal color, but it has been a kit color. It's a light true blue, and it's a bit more on the cool side of blue. It's slightly more saturated than Sky, and while sky is a bit warmer, Bluebells is a bit cooler. It's lovely and fresh.

Grape is a gorgeous, saturated purple that is clearly on the blue side of purple. It matches perfectly with our Grape Stretch Silk Satin, and it's elegant and royal.

Carob is a saturated brown that is more of a yellow base than a red or purple base. Browns are interesting in that they combine all three of the primary colors. Small changes in any element of the dye process can shift the color, so getting the color consistent is tricky. The one thing to know is that there is definitely a difference between our Espresso (red/purple base), our Bark (gray or blue base) and our Carob (yellow base)!

Here are all the colors again, this time on strap elastic.