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Spring 2024 Seasonal Colors

Welcome to a bright and happy spring here at Bra Builders! The colors this season are all familiar to you, although some have never been official Seasonal colors. Our neutral this month hasn't been seen since 2019, so it might seem new to you!

Our colors this season are...

Azalea - a raspberry-like pink which is nicely saturated.

Monarch - it really is the color you see in the wings of a monarch butterfly! It's a yellow-orange and is gorgeous!

Chickie - a nice, natural yellow, not too cool, not too warm. 

Arbor Green - this color is a bit on the cool side of green, but just barely. It's a medium saturation, not pale, not deep.

Aegean - this is a happy, bright, clear blue, maybe a bit on the warm side of blue.

Amethyst - this smoky purple is grounded but not dull and a bit more cool than warm. 

Pecan - this is a nice, warm tan-brown. It's darker than Tawny but a bit, and a little warmer but not as rich or warm as Caramel.

Here are the colors on elastic: