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Summer 2023 Seasonal Colors

It's Summertime, and I'm hoping that the living is easy where you are. Around here, it's the time when the grasses go dormant, the fireflies are glowing and the baby birds look just like their parents. 

When I try to characterize our summer palette, I think of the word creamy. The colors don't tickle your eyes like pastels, and they don't bounce off your eyes like brights. These colors lay softly on your eyes. Let's talk about them -- Taupe, Phlox, Twilight, Woods, Lemon Lover, Peaches and She Shed. 


  • Taupe is our neutral this season. It's got a bit of a green undertone to it, and its just a bit brown. It's a lighter neutral.
  • Phlox is a light, warm purple, almost pink but still definitely in the purple category.
  • Twilight is a medium saturated blue with a bit of a grayed appearance without being a bit in the category of gray. 
  • Woods is many people's favorite green. It's the color of a fully mature tree canopy, with a very natural look and just a bit of yellow and brown.
  • Lemon Lover is a light, clear yellow. This would be a pastel if it were in a different palette.
  • Peaches is a light peach with a bit of pink. It's just a bit more orange with less of a muted look than Antique Rose.
  • She Shed is a washed red. I can't decide if it's a pink or a red, it's kind of in between.

Here are all our colors on elastic: