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Summer Colors 2021

Summer is upon us with its bright, happy colors, warm sunshine and watermelon picnics. Our colors this season fit right into glorious summer! Some colors are new, some are coming back from the Legacy bin.


Lady Gray (bottom), a lovely, light neutral gray. It's similar to our legacy color Pewter except that it is less blue, more neutral.

Watermelon - a vivid pink-y red. This is more pink than our legacy color Cherry, but more red than our legacy color Courageous.

Poppy - a true orange, not too yellow, not too red.

Sunshine - a bright, saturated, golden yellow

Clover - think watermelon rinds. There is a nice balance of warm and cool in this rich green. You'll remember it from our Lucky Charms kit this spring.

Hydrangea - a lovely saturated blue with just a little purple.

Aster - a light, true purple, not too warm, not too cool. It's warmer than Dusk, and a bit lighter.