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The Great Grand World of Color

We'd like to introduce you to our lovely palette of possibility. We have the "recipe" for all these colors, although we are not always actively producing them. We've recently made a change to our process so that we only dye our Legacy colors once per week, but our Standard and Seasonal colors are dyed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Let me step you through our colors...

Skin Tones

All these photos will have Frost on the left as a baseline. This grouping allows us to match skin tones for that "disappear under clothes" look. They are:

Cream - just to the warm side of white

Antique Rose - a soft, fleshy pink

Latte - a light beige

Tawny - a medium beige

Caramel - a warm rich golden brown

Espresso - a chocolate-y brown

Of course, you can use any of these as a color also! They are lovely in and of themselves.

The Pinks

The Pinks include:

Antique Rose - a warm, fleshy pink

Whisper - a sweet clear light pink

Valentine - quite similar to Whisper but a bit more warm

Rosy Glow - a deeper, warmer pink

Peaches - a light pink-y peach

The Roses

The Roses includes:

Antique Rose - a warm fleshy pink

Rose Clay - sometimes more mauve, sometimes more terra cotta.

The Reds

The Reds:

Courageous - a bright, almost magenta, pink

Cherry - a pink-y red, kind of like watermelon but deeper

Flame - a true red

Stilettos - a warm lipstick red

Garnet - an earthy washed red

Merlot - a warm, deep wine red

The Oranges

The Oranges:

Peaches - a light pink-y peach

Pumpkin - looks just like a pumpkin, a bit of yellow and not super saturated.

Persimmon - looks just like a persimmon, a yellow orange, deeper, a bit earthy

Poppy - a true orange tending toward a red-orange

The Yellows

The Yellows:

Buttermilk - a very light ivory yellow

Champagne - a warm yellow with just a hint of pink

Daffodil - this dye changes regularly. Right now it's a warmer light yellow.

Sunshine - a warm goldenrod

Golden - a more muted, deep yellow

The Greens:

Limeade - a bright yellow-green

Fern - a more muted, natural yellow green

Woods - a deep warm green with taupe tones. Some fabrics take the taupe, some the green so that there is a range of colors in a Woods kit.

Dusty Sage - a warm sage green with lavender-gray tones. Some fabrics take the green, some take the gray so that there is a range of colors in a Dusty Sage kit. 

Seafoam - a medium bluish green

Evergreen - a deep bluish green

Emerald - a deep teal green

The Light Blues

The Light Blues:

Sea - a bright, turquoise blue

Surf - a soft warm blue

Caribbean - a medium warm blue

Ariel - a light warmish blue

Sky - a light coolish blue

The Deep Blues and Purples

The Deep Blues and Purples:

River - a clear true blue

Navy - a deep marine navy

Iris - a cross between blue and purple

Aster - a light true purple

Royalty - a deep true purple

Plum Pudding - a deep warm reddish purple

The Grays

The Grays:

Pewter - a light pearl gray

Storm - a deep neutral gray

Midnight - deep black