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Winter 2023 Colors

Our palette this season is varied and beautiful! I love the mix of lights and darks, the mix of color and neutral, the fun new colors mixed with some of the best of the legacy. All these colors will have a job this season — some will have a big job and some will have a little hint of a job. The one color that seems to be all over is our lovely neutral Smoke. It’s a nice, medium gray — not too cool, not too warm.

Joining Smoke is our normal rainbow of color. This quarter, you’ll find…

Bunny Pink - a mauve-y pink, not bright but a bit more muted. It has some cool tones mixed with a bit of warmth. It's a muted version of our color Tea Rose.

Mahogany - a warm brownish red. This color is deep and saturated, and works perfectly with our new lace Cinnamon Stick.

Bronze - a burnished yellow, rich with more brown tones. It could be a neutral, and it could be a yellow.

Minty Fresh - this is a lovely mint green. It’s definitely green, not aqua. 

French Blue - I love the balance of warm and cool in this rich blue. I have some French provincial influences in my kitchen, and this color fits right in!

Orchid - This is one of our favorite colors around here! Orchid is a warm, fuchsia color, quite rich and saturated.

Smoke - a neutral gray - not too light, not too dark. 

In addition to our Seasonal colors, we'll have some colors that are featured in some of our kits, so keep an eye out for those. In January you'll see Buttermilk, which is a beautiful light ivory. In February, Rose Clay will come out for a little minute and in March we should see some sort of blue. 

Here are the Seasonals on Microduoplex:

And here they are on elastic: