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Winter 2024 Colors

It's just turning from getting darker every day to getting lighter, which means that it will eventually be warm and vibrant again! In the meantime, we're going to enjoy colors both soft and rich to make our days cozy and delightful. Here's what we have this quarter, including 3 all new colors!


Thistledown - this soft color is kind of a pink and kind of a purple. It rides exactly between the tones. It's a bit more muted than Phlox and a bit more pink than London Fog.

Heartwood - this color is both soft and rich, and is a lovely warm shade of orangeyness (okay, I know that it's not a word, but it fits!).

Wheat - this soft color is a natural, muted yellow. 

Fern - we love this warm green, and look forward to seeing it in the world outside again!

Blue Bayou - this is a rich blue which is on the warmer side of blue without being too turquoise.

Imperial - this rich purple is quite royal. It's warmer than Crocus and cooler than Boysenberry.

Lady Gray - the soft touch of Lady Gray is like fog or mist. It's subtle and beautiful. 

Here are the colors on elastic: