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Diamond Bra Tulle Half Yard

Diamond Bra Tulle Half Yard

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When ordering our fabrics in quantities over 1 yard, please note that any fabrics that require dyeing will not come as continuous yardage. Because of the limitations of our custom hand dyeing process,  your order will be split into the appropriate number of lengths not greater than one yard. (e.g., 2-1/2 yards will be 2 - one yard pieces and 1 - half yard piece)

Many gals like the super light, thin look of bra tulle under their lace so that it just disappears. Diamond Bra Tulle doesn't stretch, but there is a 15% "give" in it which makes it less appropriate for the support of larger bust sizes. With Diamond Bra Tulle, the "give" is 4-way, which means you can use a tad bit of negative ease to make your garment a bit moldable. This is our finest, softest tulle. If you would prefer to have bra tulle in your sheer kit, just leave me a note and I'll make the substitution for sheer cup lining. If you just want to have some elements of this almost-disappearing fabric in your bra then just order a bit along side of your kit. 

My lovely customer Jenny gave me her opinion after trying our bra tulle:

"The tulle is gorgeous!...finer than other tulle I have worked with, yet easier to use! I didn’t even think of using starch....I just needed to use super fine pins, be mindful of the DOGS, and it was quite fiddly as expected for tulle but less difficult than others."

Bra Tulle, like all our fabrics, is sold by the half-yard, and is 59" wide. It is also sold by the kit cut of 18" x 29".