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Microlycra Fabric Half Yard

Microlycra Fabric Half Yard

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When ordering our fabrics in quantities over 1 yard, please note that any fabrics that require dyeing will not come as continuous yardage. Because of the limitations of our custom hand dyeing process,  your order will be split into the appropriate number of lengths not greater than one yard. (e.g., 2-1/2 yards will be 2 - one yard pieces and 1 - half yard piece)

Our soft, yummy microfiber stretch fabric is wonderful for panties and camisoles, and is a new base fabric offering for us. It is opaque and provides very good coverage. There is a 75% stretch in the fabric in the crosswise dimension and a 100% stretch in the lengthwise dimension. For bra cups, you can line the cups with sheer cup lining for a lovely T-shirt bra, but you can also use microduoplex or tricot for the bra and micro lycra for the panties with everything in the same color for a matched set. It is substantial, smooth and liquid, it doesn't ravel and feels lovely. Clothing will glide right over it, but it isn't slippery. It is available in a full range of colors.  

Micro lycra, like all our fabrics, is sold by the half-yard, and is 58" wide. It is also sold by the kit cut of 18" x 26" and the panty cut of 27" x 26". Please note that any cut larger than 1 yard will be delivered in more than one piece.