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Tricot Fabric in 20 colors! Kit Cut

Tricot Fabric in 20 colors! Kit Cut

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Our tricot might be the loveliest tricot out there. It's great for bra cups, supporting most bust sizes, and is also used for panties, slips and camisoles. It is relatively opaque and provides very good coverage. There is a 15 - 25% give in the fabric on the crosswise dimension, but no stretch. For bra cups, you can line the cups with the give running in the opposite direction to stabilize it. It is smooth and liquid, it doesn't ravel and feels lovely. Clothing will glide right over it. It is available in a full range of colors.  

Tricot, like all our fabrics, is sold by the half-yard, and is 108" wide. It is also sold by the kit cut of 18" x 54".

50 Denier, 100% Nylon