Check out our kits for the new bralette pattern from Cashmerette, the Loftus!

Bamboo Jersey Undie Kit

We take the guesswork out of bra building by putting everything you'll need together in one kit to make a beautiful bra or undies using your own pattern. If you would like to purchase a pattern, we have a great selection of patterns on our Patterns Page for you to choose from, both paper and downloadable. The undies shown were sewn by Liz from Liz Sews and is a print which is sold out. She used the Watson Brief pattern from Cloth Habit.

    Bamboo jersey is a beautiful fabric for panties! It is exceptionally soft, breathable, and is reported to be anti-microbial also. It has a lovely soft stretch and perfect recovery.  This kit comes standard with two and a half yards of our 3/4" foldover elastic on a Smaller and 5 yards on a Larger, in your accent color. You can also pair your bamboo jersey print with any of our panty elastics. The Wide Daisy Elastic is a great waistband and helps avoid that dreaded muffin top. Our panty picots are soft and a breeze to apply. Our ultra-thin gives you stealth panties. The elastic is so thin that it disappears. The foldover elastics are great, and lots of patterns give great instructions for applying them. I especially like the fancy foldover. The plush is super soft and the fold line in the middle makes applying it easy peasy. Finally, choose our 1/2" or 1/4" non-picot elastic for an enclosed elastic option. It works great! Or choose any of our panty elastics or laces to truly make it your own!

    Your elastics will be dyed to your choice of accent color. To see the coordinating colors on your fabric, please pop on over the the main listing for the print. If you don't leave us a selection, we'll select for you.

    A Smaller panty kit provides a fat 3/8 yard of fabric (3/4 yard cut in half at the fold) and a Larger provides 3/4 yard of fabric. Most panty kits offer 1 yard of elastic for the waistband and 1 1/2 yards of elastic for the leg openings. This is our standard offering on a Smaller. We double both the fabric and the elastic on a Larger. If you want even more elastic, you can double these yardages and they'll be cut as a single piece. This gives you the best utilization of your elastics.