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Color Matching

Thank you for joining us for an adventure through the wonderful world of color! We've put together samples of photos of our colors for your reference. Obviously, a photo is not 100% accurate. Also, each screen shows color slightly differently and we dye each order by hand, so every dye bath is a little different. Nevertheless, we hope this collage is helpful as you build lingerie at the overlap between function and beauty. Don't hesitate to email us with questions at

To order colors other than those which are Standard and Seasonal (these are the ones that have swatches on the products which can be dyed), please select the "Legacy/Special Color" swatch on the product. A blank will magically appear and you can write the name of your color in that blank. We do have to pay the wonderful women who dye these colors up for you, so there are dye charges associated with our dyed fabrics and elastics.

Please note that special colors (those which are not current seasonal colors or our everyday standard colors) are often only dyed on Tuesday and Thursday. It will likely delay your order when you order special colors. Also, please use our color names, and not your own understanding of the name of your color. We really don't know what you mean when you say "Fuchsia", but we do know "Courageous" and "Orchid!"

Our Colors