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Linda Crawford


"I have always loved to sew, and I really love a challenge, so I was the first to sign up when I saw an ad for a bra-making course. To my unbelievable surprise, I was able to sew a really comfortable bra that also happened to look great. The best part was that it made the girls look absolutely fabulous. So I took it to the harshest critics I could find: everyday people in everyday bras. I tested it out on a few friends and they unanimously agreed - it was the most comfortable bra they had ever worn. Silhouettes were sleeker, curves were curvier, and perkiness was off the charts. Friends told friends and a custom bra salon was born in what is now my sewing studio in Burlington, Ontario, Canada." ---Linda Crawford

As we can all attest to, fit is everything when it comes to bras! Linda will get you on track with 2 20-minute sessions to super charge your bra building adventure with that "just right" fit. Reach out to Linda via e-mail to inquire about booking some time with her.

Look at gorgeous bras and Book a Virtual Fitting on Linda's website.   Sign up for her newsletter at the bottom of the Home Page for all the latest styles, sales and even sewing tips!

And Linda is a great resource for those looking for help with a Post-Masectomy or Post-Surgical bra, which we really appreciate. Post-Masectomy Bras

As of this writing, Linda is not doing classes, but hopes to get back into the swing of in person classes before too long. Virtual classes are not an option yet, but keep checking back! Linda's classes come with some pretty impressive recommendations! 

“A teacher with a well fitting bra she made herself is an A+ instrument for a bra making class. This class is fun, informative, and will save you bundles in the long run!”   --Sandra Betzina, designer for Vogue patterns, author, and host of HGTV's "Sew Perfect."