Check out our kits for the new bralette pattern from Cashmerette, the Loftus!

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Are you struggling to figure out where to look for what you're looking for? We've created a structure based upon the various parts of lingerie and the things to support them. Here's what you should know...

There is a separate section for wires, they aren't in hardware.

You can find all sorts of hooks and eyes in Hardware and Fasteners, along with Rings and Slides and other little parts like garter belt clips.

Laces, foam, bra fabrics, undie fabrics, pretty prints and all things fabric and lace are in the Fabrics and Laces section. Laces have tulle laces first, wide stretch laces second and narrow stretch laces after that. If it only comes in black it follows the narrow stretch laces. 

The search field is in the top navigation area on the right, in the same place as the shopping cart. Here's a link to a dedicated search page.

If you can't find what you want, drop us a line. You can send an email to . There's an "Email Us" link at the bottom left hand portion of every page.

Enjoy your visit to Bra Builders! We're delighted you're here.