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Willowdale Help Page

The Willowdale Pattern is available here from the Cashmerette website.  The size chart is here, and the fitting guide is here. Don't forget to take advantage of your coupon code for the Willowdale Pattern!

How do I know which size kit I need?

There are a couple of different criteria to decide which kit is right for you. The first is your underbust measurement. Given the way that the pattern is designed, you need enough width in the fabric for a particular pattern piece. If your underbust measurement is over 41" then you should use the Larger. The second measurement gives us the size of the cup pieces. If your full bust measurement is over 49" with a 41" underbust, then you should go with the Larger. If your measurements are close to these, then it really depends on personality. If you like to use every single little bit of fabric and you're good with layout, then stay with the Smaller. If you like a bit of wiggle room, then size up to the Larger when you're close. 

How do I select the correct options?

The Willowdale bra pattern is sized from a 28C to a 54J, so there are lots of size options! We've created 2 kit sizes, a Smaller and a Larger. The Smaller works for up to about a size 46/14 wire, and the larger goes up to the size 54J. The pattern has options which vary based upon a number of different factors including bra band size (for hook and eye), the band/cup intersection (for lower band size) and wire size (for strap). If you're new to bra sewing this might be a bit tricky, so we're offering a couple of helpful things. If you provide your under bust and full bust measurements we'll take our best guess at what you need. If you know what you need, you can just order it exactly like you need it. We're even offering an option for us to include both options if you're near the cutoffs and you want to make sure that you have the correct materials.

This is a summary of what the pattern is recommending:

Band size (same as underbust) 28 - 44 3 hook and eye
Band size 46-54 4 hook and eye
Cup size C - E for 3 hook and eye 1/2" lower band
Cup size F - J and all 4 hook and eye 5/8" lower band
Wire size 32 - 38 1/2" strap
Wire size 40 - 54 3/4" strap

For your reference, the bra in blue on the Super Simplex listing is a 40G and is the largest size for the Smaller kit. It uses a 4 hook and eye, a 5/8" lower band elastic and a 3/4" strap.

The pattern calls for regular power net, but we know some of our bra builders prefer a firmer stretch, so we are offering that as an option for you.

What are the fabric choices for my Willowdale kit?

Our luxurious 50 denier tricot is a wonderful fabric for this bra! One of the benefits of the Tricot is that the fabric is 104" wide! When you get your kit in Tricot, you automatically have enough fabric to line your bra with the Tricot without needing to add a lining fabric. Or for a little bit more you can add a Sheer Cup Lining for a little extra stability. 

Super Simplex is another delightful fabric and it is a bit more substantial. It's easy to sew and has a lovely hand feeling. For the Super Simplex, you will need to add a lining fabric. You can use Sheer Cup Lining for more support or Tricot for a smoother feeling inside the bra. The trade off is in ease of fit. Because there is more give in the Tricot, you don't have to be as precise in the fit. I find the Sheer Cup Lining a bit easier to sew. The standard offering is Sheer Cup Lining -- the Tricot is available as an option for a bit more cost.

Our Stretch Silk Satin is also an option for some of our Willowdale kits! A dream to sew, and clothing glides right over it. We've paired our Stretch Silk Satin with Sheer Cup Lining. You can have a fabulous silk bra without breaking the bank!

Our Hex Bra Tulle is a sheer, airy and sexy choice available in some Willowdale kits! Our bra tulle has a 20% mechanical give in the fabric, and you'll want to line with self fabric or with our Sheer Cup Lining. The self lining will give you the most fitting ease and the Sheer Cup Lining will provide the most support. Either way, I recommend that you line your frame with the Sheer Cup Lining. This isn't necessary, but it will add just a tiny bit of structure that will make your garment function well. 

Main Fabric Standard kit lining  Lining option for a bit more
Super Simplex Sheer Cup Lining Tricot
Tricot Self-lining Sheer Cup Lining
Stretch Silk Satin Sheer Cup Lining
Hex Bra Tulle Self-lining Sheer Cup Lining


What about my lace options?

There are also 2 options for lace on the Willowdale. The simple version of the bra is with a lace upper cup, or you can cover your entire bra with lace. The Willowdale uses wide stretch lace - a lace must be 6" wide for the lace upper cup, and 8" wide for the full lace bra option. You can often do a full lace overlay with a more narrow lace for smaller sizes.

A note about Power Net weight...

The pattern calls for regular power net, but we know some of our bra builders prefer a firmer stretch, so we are offering that as an option for you.