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Children's Knit Underwear Kit with Lace Option
Children's Knit Underwear Kit with Lace Option
Children's Knit Underwear Kit with Lace Option

Children's Knit Underwear Kit with Lace Option

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We've got something super fun for you! We're offering panty kits in two lovely fabric bases that are sized exactly right for the small ones. You can also find our Children's Tricot Undies here.

We know of a six year old who is loving her little Microlycra boxer briefs. Her mom made them up as solids, and then also mixed in some of our darling bamboo prints. Select colors what work with the bamboo and you can create an entire wardrobe of undies that are styled just right for your little one. Finally, our Microlycra Air is light, airy and just as soft as the other fabrics. It's perfect for hot summer days. This kit lets you put together a solid look for your gal or guy. You can put together a variety of elastics styles and undies styles while creating an undie wardrobe in someone's favorite color or color palette. And mixing it up with our bamboo gives you so many options! Plus, we know that a little lace might be just the right detail for pretty undies your little one is looking for- see here for our collection of leg lace, and here for our collection of waist lace. To see our collection of wide stretch laces, look here. The base of this kit will include your choice of fabric and a 9" cotton jersey square for the crotch.

You have some choices when you're putting together undergarments for your wee ones. A great way to extend your fabric usage is to use elastic to finish your garments rather than self fabric bands. With careful cutting and smart use of elastic, we've gotten 2 full undie/ short cami sets for a 9 year old plus a pair of undies for her little sister out of a half yard of fabric (with 3 yds Fancy Foldover elastic, 1 yd Crochet Elastic and 3/4 y Wide Plush), and 3 pairs of boys' briefs size 12 with a non-working fly and a pair of undies for the little sister out of another half yard (with three cuts of 3/4 yard Wide Plush and 2 yards of FOE). Here's a table of what elastics work well in various applications:

We've got some basic tables for your reference. This chart assumes that you will use elastic instead of bands or binding. 

Garment Size

Main Fabric Amount

 Elastic per garment Number of Garments
Toddler Training Pants F1/4 1 1/2 yd 2
Girls 12M-10 F1/4 2 yds 2
Boys Briefs 12M-10 F 3/8
  • 1 1/2 yds
  • 3/4 yd waist
Children's Boxer-Briefs 12M-10 F1/4 3/4 yard waist 1-2
Short Cami/Bralette 1/4
  • 1 yd Strap+RS or 1 yd Foldover Elastic
  • 3/4 yd lower band


See our collection of wide stretch laces here.