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B, Wear Jessica's Twin Bra Pattern - New Cup Size Available!

B, Wear Jessica's Twin Bra Pattern - New Cup Size Available!

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You are going to love these new bra patterns by B,Wear of Sweden!

The Jessica's Twin Bra pattern has cute style lines featuring one vertical seam. The cup was designed to have a lovely roundness. The band is slim to help prevent the elastic from folding and to get good support and fit. The cup of Jessica's Twin Bra is best made from stable fabrics, but can also be made from those with a light stretch.

B,Wear Jessica's Twin is the sister pattern to Angie's Twin Bra pattern.

Jessica's Twin Bra is sized in centimeters. Please use the chart below to help you choose your size. Underbust is measured snuggly, beneath the breasts, where a bra band is worn.

Pattern size 70-85 Fits underbust measurement of 27.5"-33.5"
Pattern size 90-105 Fits underbust measurement of 33.5"-41"

B,Wear patterns are designed for a larger bust. Their cup sizing is unique, so be sure to compare your measurements to their sizing range. To determine your B,Wear cup size, measure around the fullest part of your bust while wearing a bra. The tape measure should be just snug enough not to slip down. The difference between your full bust measurement and your underbust measurement determines your cup size. The A-E pattern will fit a difference of 4" to 8 3/4". The F-I pattern will fit a difference of 8 7/8"-12 3/4".