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Sahaara Bra Finishing Kit
Sahaara Bra Finishing Kit

Sahaara Bra Finishing Kit

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What do you do with that extra fabric that you have left over after you finish your bra? Buy a Sahaara Bra Finishing Kit and make another bra! One kit contains all the elastics and other supporting items to make a Sahaara bra. Choose a kit in the same color or in an alternative color. Add a bit of lace or a cut of some fun fabric and turn your remnants into something special!

One Sahaara Bra Finishing Kit contains:

Smaller Larger
Foldover Elastic 2 1/2 yards 2 1/2 yards
Twill tape 1/2 yard 1/2 yard
Strap elastic 1 yard of 1/2" 1 yard of 3/4"
Hook and Eyes 3 hooks 4 hooks
4 Rings, 2 Slides 1/2" 3/4"
Wide Plush Elastic (optional) 1 1/2 yards 1 1/2 yards
Microduoplex Strip for Strap (optional) 4" x 18" 4" x 18"