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Tulle Lace #383 -  Ice Cream Social 9"

Tulle Lace #383 - Ice Cream Social 9"

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As soon as I saw this lace I was reminded of the high ornamentation of the Victorian period. I was seeing a carousel by the seashore, harkening back to the turn of the 20th century with its wholesome fun. I almost called it Brighton Beach for the British tourist spot that was so popular back then. Brighton Beach is known for it's pretty colorful doors, with ice cream tones just like these.

This lace has mechanical give but no stretch, and is embroidered along one side. It is 9" wide from peak to peak. The pattern is available mirrored or continuous. Coordinates with Aegean, Bunny Pink and Chickie, over Aegean fabrics. Please order by the yard.