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Bamboo Period Panty Kit

Maybe you've seen period panties and wondered what all the buzz was about. Maybe you are looking for a little protection again the untimely sneeze or Dad joke that's just too good. For either situation, we've got the perfect solution for you! Period Panties will keep you covered, and help you feel confident and pretty all day long! 

Pretty, in Period Panties? YES! The best part about making your own Period Panties is you can include all the details you love in your undies! Soft fabrics, gorgeous colors and we're even including the option to add a little lace to your kit, so you can have it all!  And they will be made exactly the way you need them to be so they'll function at their best.

The kit (available in smaller or larger) contains everything you need to make at least one pair of Absorbent Undies. Begin by selecting your favorite panty fabric base- Microlycra, Microlycra Air, Stretch Mesh or one of our bamboo prints. This listing is for our Bamboo kit. . Find our Microlycra, Microlycra Air or Stretch Mesh kit here. We've included white polyurethane laminate (PUL) waterproof fabric. We chose an industry leader for our PUL- its soft, has a gentle stretch and is durable, too. This PUL is produced in a healthy (for the planet and for us) method and is considered an eco-fabric. Place this waterproof fabric between your outer fabric and your absorbent layer. For the absorbent layer we've included soft, high absorbency, natural fabric (30% cotton, 70% bamboo) with a 3D texture to maximizing the absorbency while minimizing the bulk. Natural absorbent fibers are more resistant to microbial growth and launder fresher. Place this fabric between your waterproof layer and your panty panel. For the layer closest to your skin, we're including a portion of wicking fabric. This fabric excels at moving moisture one direction- from the wrong side to the right side- to keep you feeling dry! For your legs and waist, we've included foldover elastic, always a favorite, but feel free to chose your favorite.

 Smaller Larger
Base Fabric  Fat 3/8 3/4 yard
Elastic 2 1/2 yards  5 yards
PUL 9" X 18" 9" X 27"
Absorbent fabric Fat 1/4 Fat 1/4 
Wicking 9" X 18" 9" X 27"


Its as simple as that! For tips on making period panties, check out the Period Panty Class at this year's International Bra Sewing Bee! Depending upon the area of absorbency you want, most panty patterns can be adapted for this purpose. You can double or triple up the absorbent fabric, just be sure to trim each layer a little smaller before stitching the two together for a graded, smoother effect at the edge. So many options, you are sure to find your Period Panties essential!