Check out our kits for the new bralette pattern from Cashmerette, the Loftus!

Make it Your Own Willowdale Bra Kit - Sheer and Airy Bra Tulle
Make it Your Own Willowdale Bra Kit - Sheer and Airy Bra Tulle

Make it Your Own Willowdale Bra Kit - Sheer and Airy Bra Tulle

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Those who've been garment sewing know the name Cashmerette! Specializing in sewing for curves, Cashmerette has now expanded their sewing line of patterns to include a wider ranges of sizes and most recently, LINGERIE! We are offering kits for their new pattern, the Willowdale, and we couldn't be more excited! 

Sometimes you want the function of a bra, but not the coverage. Maybe it's too hot where you live. Maybe you like a sexy look and prefer a sheer option. The great news for you is that our light and breezy Bra Tulle is the perfect match for both lightness, airiness, sexiness and it meets the fabric requirements for the Willowdale! What a match made in heaven! Our bra tulle has a 20% mechanical give in the fabric, and you'll want to line with self fabric or with our Sheer Cup Lining. The self lining will give you the most fitting ease and the Sheer Cup Lining will provide the most support. Either way, I recommend that you line your frame with the Sheer Cup Lining. This isn't necessary, but it will add just a tiny bit of structure that will make  your garment function well. 

One of the best thing about Bra Builders is our range of colors. The kit that we have pictured features our color Dusty Sage, which is kind of magical. Each fiber takes the dye differently, so you have all this color variation with one dye. In this kit you can choose your color and your lace and make your bra just like you envision it. If you choose one of our dye to match laces, we'll dye it up with your fabrics and it will all match. You can also choose one of our other stretch laces and pick a coordinating color. If you want us to make your lace choice for you, just let us know and we'll pick something out. The bra pictured here is not the Willowdale, but we're including it to give you an idea of what a bra tulle bra looks like. 

Our Willowdale Help Page contains all the info about selecting your kit size, your options, fabrics and lace. Its a great place to begin if you are newer to bra sewing or new to the Willowdale pattern- or both!

There are also 2 options for lace on this kit. The simple version of the bra is with a lace upper cup, which is the standard offering. You can also upgrade to a full lace bra, which will give you lace to cover the entire bra. You'll need a minimum of 6" in width for the lace upper cup, and at least a minimum of 8" in width for the full lace bra.  Please find our wide stretch lace collection here.

The Willowdale Pattern is available here from the Cashmerette website. The size chart is here, and the fitting guide is here

The Willowdale Bra Kit contains:

Smaller  Larger
Cup Fabric and lining - Bra Tulle  3/4 yard 1 yard
Stretch Lace - Lace Upper Cup -or- 1 yard 1 yard
Stretch Lace - Full lace covering 4 yards 4 yards
Regular Power Net 14" x 28" 14" x 28"
Plush Channeling  1 yard  1 1/4 yards
Underwires 1 pair 1 pair
Upper Bra Band Elastic  1 1/2 yard 1 1/2 yard
Lower Bra Band Elastic  1 1/4 yards 1 1/4 yards
Strap Elastic (1/2" or 3/4") 1 1/2 yards 1 1/2  yards
Rings and Slides 1 set 1 set
Hook and Eye 3 or 4 hooks 4 hooks
Add on Matching Panty Kit:
Fabric (Microlycra, Microlycra Air or Stretch Mesh) Fat 3/8  3/4 yard
Matching Lace Choice Choice
Foldover Elastic 2 1/2 yards 5 yards
Cotton Jersey 9" Square 9" Square

If you plan to make your matching panty with the Cashmerette Radcliffe, a smaller kit will use 1/2 yard and a larger kit will use 3/4 yard. 

As always, feel free to choose your favorite elastics or narrow lace (leave us a note if you don't see your choice!). You can also add a 9" square of absorbent fabric for your panty panel! You can find our collection of Waist Lace and Elastics here, and our collection of Leg Lace here