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Hook and Eye Closure Units - stitched, not heat sealed!

Hook and Eye Closure Units - stitched, not heat sealed!

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I've tried the heat sealed hooks and eyes that you can find on other bra making supply shops, and have found them to be scratchy on my skin, and I'm not particularly sensitive. These hooks and eyes are actually sewn rather than heat sealed, and are the nicest that I've seen anywhere! There is no need to finish the edges since they are already beautifully finished. They are very comfortable to wear. The small hook side of the unit is heat sealed, so you can run a small zigzag down each small side if you want to soften that edge.  They can be dyed to match any of our colors. We have 3 different sizes to accommodate most needs, including 2, 3 and 4 hook units. Please order by the UNIT, so for a single set of 3 hooks and eyes, order 1 size 3. Use size 2 for a 2-hook unit and a size 4 for a 4-hook unit.  All units come with 3 eyes for 3 tightness settings. 

 Height Width (tightness setting)
2 Hook 38 mm 55-56 mm
3 Hook 57 mm 55-56 mm
4 Hook 73 mm 55-56 mm
Mini 2 Hook 32 mm 55-56 mm

Our Mini 2 Hook and Eye coordinates with the width of our 1 1/4" Wide Plush Elastic!