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A Beach Blanket Summer Palette

We have a bright, happy set of colors for you for summer, and I think that they look just like a beach blanket. Here's a picture of the colors on Microduoplex:

The colors are (from right to left) Dahlia, Beachcomber Coral, Canary, Limeade, Aegean, Waterloo and Phlox. Let me tell you a little bit about all of them.

Dahlia is a new color, and it is a lovely cool pink. It has a job later in the Summer, and you'll see how we use it in a kit in August. Until then, it's a darling pink!

Beachcomber Coral is a vivid coral, and it will be a star in September. It's bright, vivid and a lovely cross between a pink and an orange. 

Canary has been a star all through the Bra Bee season, and it's featured on our Cherry Lemonade and Daisy Daisy kit. It's a lovely true yellow.

Limeade is there because people love it. It's a bright green, on the yellow side of the green spectrum. It really makes things pop. It's a fun accent color on the Peacock kit.

You'll see Aegean star in the Peacock kit. This is a bold, bright blue, and I love how it works with the navy on that kit. This blue is on the warmer side of the blue spectrum.

Waterloo is a part of our Sweet Pea kit, and it's a nice restful medium blue -- not too cool, not too warm. 

Phlox is a light orchid purple which leans a bit pink. You'll love it with our Ploxy Lady kit, which is a Bra Builder Budget Combo. 

Here are the colors on elastics:

 Let's go to the beach and have a picnic! I'll see you there.