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A Word About Our Colors

Most of our colors are hand-dyed to order. Just like with any other fabric, it might take a wash or two for any excess dye to bleed out of the fabric. There are a few other things to note:

  • Each fabric and elastic type will take the dye just a little bit differently. Everything goes together, but they may not all match perfectly. The water conditions and dye lot can affect the color.
  • There is some room for personalization! I can dye a bit more intense or a bit more pastel. Please leave an order note if you have a preference.
  • I'm happy to tell you what I think would be the best match for a fabric that you have. Please send me a swatch and I'll let you know what I think. I'll also tell you if I can't match your fabric. Then I'll use your swatch to target the right color intensity. 
  • I have 2 monitors for my work computer. I check my color rendition on both monitors and try to get it as good as I can, but there is a clear difference between the 2 monitors. This means that the color rendition on your computer or device might be quite different than mine. If you put together things that might not actually look lovely in person, I'll send you an email and we'll come up with a plan.
  • In words, here is a description of the colors:
    • Frost is a bright optic white. Midnight is a true black.
    • Cream, Latte and Honey are all based on the same color but at different intensities
      • Cream is just to the warm side of white
      • Latte is a light beige
      • Honey is beige
      • None of these colors is very dark
    • Caramel used to be based on the same dye as the other skin tones, but the consistency was not always very good, so it's now a new color and a better match for warm, rich brown skin tones.
      • Toffee is a nice chocolate brown
      • Pewter is light gray
      • Storm is a deep gray with a blue undertone
      • Flame is a true red. Sometimes it can dye more orange-red, but not often
      • Poppy is a medium orange.
      • Peaches is a pinkish peach. It can be dyed light or dark, and right now is tending lighter.
      • Daffodil is a true yellow most of the time. Recently it has been a bit more of a golden yellow.
      • Limeade is close to the green of the Seattle Seahawks
      • Seafoam is a bit more blue on the green spectrum and is more muted than bright. Right now it's dyeing with a strong blue cast in the green.
      • Caribbean is a bright clear warm blue
      • Sky is a light true blue
      • River is a rich deep true blue
      • Royalty is a slightly more blue purple.
      • Courageous is a bright pink