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Lovely New Colors for Spring 2022

It's always fun and challenging to put together a beautiful palette for the season. First, you need a little of everything. Second, you need to include the colors that complement the laces and prints that are waiting in the wings to make their appearance. Third, it all needs to kind of hang together harmoniously. You need a balance of warm and cool. You run across a color that just pops for someone. It all wanders around until you hit that perfect balance, and I think this set of color really sings. Most of them have a job to do at some point, but a couple are just there to look pretty in the set. 

So, without further ado, here is Spring 2022...

  • She Shed began life as an attempt at a nice barn red, but it was a little pink. So, we thought that a pinkish barn must be a She Shed! The good news is that it looks great where we needed this color, and we love it!
  • Peaches is a Legacy color, and it is playing right away in the April kit of the month, Cherry Blossom. It's a pinky-peach -- soft and luminous. We work hard to keep this one light.
  • Champagne is a lovely warm yellow which sometimes has a hint of pink. Our colors are a bit more art than science (although we do the science part too!) so it will depend on what else is being dyed with respect to whether the pink shows up. 
  • Dusty Sage is one of those colors which takes a bit different on every fabric and elastic. It is a sage-y green with a lavender-gray top note. Straps take a lot of the green, band elastic takes a lot of the gray. Sheer Cup Lining is quite gray. It's actually all really lovely together.
  • Sky is a beautiful light blue. Some people like Sky as a neutral skin tone when they have a lot cool undertones in their complexion. This blue isn't particularly warm or cool, and is often a bit like a duck egg blue. 
  • Ink is what we name Navy when we take on the monumental task of putting it on fabric. This is a limited-edition color since it can take a lot of work to produce, but who doesn't love navy blue in the spring?
  • Crocus is a brand-new purple, and it is rich and vibrant. It isn't either blue or red -- it's right in between. If you look at the flowers that are highlighting the colors, you'll see a purple hellebore which is a perfect match. 
  • Bubble Gum is a bright neon pink. There isn't anything soft or shy about this color! It's kind of a bonus color this season. We usually have about 7 colors, but this season we had to bring in Bubble Gum for fun. We hope you like it!

Here are the colors on fabric:

Here are the colors on elastic: