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Spring 2021 Colors

It's Spring! We're all thinking about new flowers and Easter eggs and snow turning to rain and new growth. All these things have inspired our newest set of colors. We have some of our favorites returning, and we also have some new ones to love. Because it's always so hard to make sure our color rendition is correct as we pass through many devices, I'll describe the colors in words for you. 

Our first color is a new color, Azalea. It's a deep pinkish red, or maybe a reddish pink. It's deeper than Tea Rose and less bright than Courageous, plus a bit more to the red side of things. 

Our second color comes from the wings of a monarch butterfly, and it's called, appropriately, Monarch. It's quite a clear orange with a fair amount of yellow. Look for it to be featured in a very limited edition kit that will carry the whole monarch butterfly theme out to its full expression.

Following our orange comes our yellow. This one is called Chickie, and it's a happy yellow just the color of a baby chick. It's lighter and happier than it appears in the fabric picture, but it isn't loud. Look at our new Bralette and Panty kit to see it made up into something.

Next is green, and this season we're bringing back Fern. This has always been a popular color with its natural vibe. 

We have 2 blues this season. The first is Sea, which is a clear, bright aqua or turquoise. Ariel is a bit lighter and cooler. Caribbean is much cooler and more blue than aqua. 

Rain is featured in our April kit, Singing in the Rain. It's a lovely, soft grayed blue which looks like a spring rain. It's more of a cool blue, and the gray is a real player in the color.

Finally, we're letting Dusk stay in the lineup because it is just so pretty and we needed a purple. Dusk is a medium violet color, more on the cool side of purple.


I am planning to do a little swap in June, so one of the colors will step down and a new one will come up to help out with the June kit. I think we'll see what people seem to like the most and the least. June also starts early bird registration for The Great Bra Sewing Bee, so we'll have all sorts of pretty things coming out for those who choose to get kits for the show. Don't worry, we'll do our best to keep up with monthly kits through the summer. 

Happy Spring!