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Summer lovin' summer colors!

It's a new season, so it's time for a new set of seasonal colors. I love how these all work together! They are happy like summer should be, but not too bold -- they just hit the right spot. For this season we have...

Watermelon is a saturated (but not dark)  pinky red. It's a bit more on the warm side of red, not the cool side but in general is pretty neutral for a red.

Fresh Squeezed is a lighter orange, again more neutral than particularly warm. 

Topaz is quite a warm yellow which even edges toward an orange. It's a natural yellow more than a clear yellow.

Key Lime is a beautiful, happy light green. Our color Pistachio is similar to Key Lime in that it's light and clear. It's different in that Pistachio is a bit blue and Key Lime is a bit yellow.

Sea is a light, warm blue. It's running a bit more blue right now than it has in the past.

Phlox is a light, warm purple. There's quite a lot of pink in Phlox.

Carob is our neutral, and it might be my favorite of all our browns. I absolutely love it!

Here are all the colors on elastic: