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Whatever Happened to the Tricot?

I received an email from one of my lovely customers last week, wondering where the Tricot fabric and kits were. My supplier ran out of fabric about 10 months ago, and I've been waiting to get the fabric back in. In the meantime, I brought in a new fabric, the Super Simplex, that is very much like Tricot (it's a type of tricot fabric) that is easier to sew and functions very much the same. Super Simplex is a bit thicker than Tricot, so you can use it as a single layer for small to medium cup volumes. I would either double it like the original Tricot or else use Sheer Cup Lining as a lining for larger sizes. It's a lovely product.

The great news is that my original Tricot is in line to be manufactured right now, and I should have it back in stock by June. I'm getting quite a bit of it so I'm not likely to run out soon! Once I get it back in stock I'll put all the Tricot products back up for you Tricot lovers out there! As you know, it's a lovely fabric. We're looking forward to getting you just what you want soon!