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Winter 2021 Colors

The frosty, cool days of winter ask for a different palette of colors than the warm tones of fall, so we're reflecting that in our new seasonal colors. We start the year with our prints, and those are asking for a bit of loveliness as an accent. Here is a description in words for each of the colors:

Glacier is a muted green with blue undertones, and is a perfect match for the cool, muted green tones of our Sun Valley Circles print. It is also in Sun Valley Mountains as an accent color.

French Blue is a warm, medium blue that is a great match for the blues in the Sun Valley Mountains print. 

Ink is more inky than our Navy, but isn't a pure purple-y deep ink. It's a wonderful match for the navy blue in the Sun King print. This color will be hard to dye to a fully saturated color on some of our fabrics, and like all navies it will have a tendency to run. 

Tea Rose is a cooler pink, almost a mauve but a bit more pink. It's another great Valentine color, and we'll be featuring it in February.

Orchid is a beautiful, rich vivid purple with pink undertones. It's a perfect purple for the Valentine's season, and will be featured in February.

Sand is a golden neutral, and works perfectly with a cotton jersey print that you'll be seeing in January. 

Buttercup is the feature color in a new lace kit coming out later this month. It's a warm, light yellow, with just a hint of an orange undertone. 

Golden is staying with us after its introduction in the fall. It's a wonderful way to highlight the opulent golden tones in our Sun King print.

We'll be bringing out new colors as spring begins to blossom, so keep your eyes open for changes as February turns to March.