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Carla Mussara-Leonard

Carla Musarra-Leonard dreamed of designing garments when she was a little girl. Life took her in another direction, but after her nest emptied she decided it was time. In 2010, she taught herself how to sew. Lingerie education was hard to come by, so she mostly learned by taking apart bras and studying their construction and grading. When she finally started to draft her own bras, she struggled but persevered and finally, on her 33rd attempt, she got a good fit. Now she makes large cup bras under her own label, La Bella Coppia. She recently published her Josey Plus bra pattern as a follow up to the Josey pattern along with her online course Making the Josey and Josey Plus bras.

Carla's website is a  treasure trove of information!    La Bella Coppia 

Her store may be  titled "Large Cup Lingerie", but there is plenty of good information on her website for all cup sizes. Here's the link to her Bra Ed page to get you started with the basics.     Carla's Bra Ed Page

She recently created a quick, free course for ladies to measure themselves for her pattern to see if it would fit them before they make the purchase. She also has a course that goes over how to make the Joseys.

How to measure for the Josey Pattern  

How to make the Josey and Josey Plus Bras  

Carla has been doing Virtual Fittings for years, long before the pandemic brought virtual everything to the forefront. Because they move all around with her husband's job, It just made sense to use technology for her fittings.  Carla's Virtual Bra Fittings

And she has a great YouTube channel you can subscribe to!  La Bella Coppia Lingerie YouTube Channel

You can subscribe to her mailing list, La Bella Coppia mailing list, or reach out to her directly with any questions.