Check out our kits for the new bralette pattern from Cashmerette, the Loftus!

The Lingerie Drawer

Welcome to the heart of our site -- the kits that let you make as much beautiful lingerie as your drawers can hold! Once you've filled yours, send some to your sister, or to your mom, or to your best friend. You're going to love something we have here, I can guarantee it!

These are our bra and lingerie kits. Find individual supplies in the top navigation. We're always coming up with something new, so come back regularly. If you want to see what we've designed for laces and colors, check out our Kits of the Month, Bra Builder Combo Kits, The Silks, The Neutral Collection, and The Willowdale Kits. If you want to design for yourself, check out our Basic Kits, our Kits for Patterns, our Bralette Kits and our Undie Kits. There are designed kits in most of those places, but there are also places for your imagination to play. Our kits without lace are in our Basic Kits area.

Finally, we have our signature Bamboo Jersey Knit Kits. We are the only ones around with these prints, custom-scaled for lingerie and smaller garments. We generally get a new print every month, but our most popular don't stick around long. Our Kit of the Month members get first dibs, and they sometimes snap it all up!