Learn to Sew a Bra, Perfect your Fit, Hang out With Your Bosom Buddies!! 2024 International Bra Sewing Bee!

Bra Bee '23 Sew Along - Everyday Undies in your 20's
Bra Bee '23 Sew Along - Everyday Undies in your 20's
Bra Bee '23 Sew Along - Everyday Undies in your 20's

Bra Bee '23 Sew Along - Everyday Undies in your 20's

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It's time to sew along with Janna! Janna is getting ready to get married, and comfy, cute and easy is how she rolls. Janna's everyday undies are hipsters, and she pops the feminine vibe by using Froth elastic at the waist and leg. She also made a second pair with Daisy elastic at the waist and Fancy Narrow Picot at the leg. She's using the Love Yourself Hipster Pattern by Wardrobe By Me for this sew along, and her fabric of choice is our light and airy Microlycra Air. 

We've sourced all sorts of wonderful fabrics, colors and laces for the Bee, and this is your opportunity to make some matching sets. We are offering our undie kits in 2 sizes, Larger and Smaller. Typically, our Smaller kit works easily for women up to a size Large, and the Larger kit can do any size. Many gals who are smaller in size purchase our Larger kits and get multiple pairs of undies to go with their bra. I wear a size XL and I can get 3 pairs of briefs from a Larger kit. Women who are a smaller size can often get 2-3 pairs of undies from a Smaller, depending on style. Some undies are very tiny! You can also upgrade to include matching thread, additional elastics, an absorbent crotch or extra cotton jersey (useful for making more pairs of undies).

 Smaller Larger
Microlycra Air (or Microlycra or Stretch Mesh) Fat 3/8 yard 3/4 yard
Froth Elastic 2 1/2 yards 5 yards
Cotton jersey 9" x 9" 9" x 9"


 We've done our best to provide kits for all the Bee projects that all coordinate together. Here are some mood boards for inspiration as you craft your custom look: