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Make it Your Own Ombre Bra Kits
Make it Your Own Ombre Bra Kits
Make it Your Own Ombre Bra Kits
Make it Your Own Ombre Bra Kits
Make it Your Own Ombre Bra Kits
Make it Your Own Ombre Bra Kits
Make it Your Own Ombre Bra Kits
Make it Your Own Ombre Bra Kits

Make it Your Own Ombre Bra Kits

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Our Bra Kits take the guesswork out of bra building by putting together everything you'll need to make a beautiful bra using your own pattern. If you need a pattern, we have a great selection on our Patterns Page, both paper and downloadable.

Have you seen people with ombre hair? It's such a fun trend! We think that ombre bras and undies are just as cute! We've found a whole variety of ombre colors that you can use to make something kind of unique to wear. It will also work great as the front of a pair of undies -- just pick up something stretchy for the back and the ombre will work just like a tulle lace, but without the lace! We're picturing this kit in Bra Tulle, but it can work in any cup fabric.

We've taken a look at all our colors and have found these combinations that we love. You can choose one of our combos, or you can create your own! Here are our picks:

Green - Canary, Limeade, Fern, Clover

Blue - London Fog, Wedgewood, Hydrangea, Grape

Purple - London Fog, Phlox, Orchid, Boysenberry

Orange - Lemon Lover, Sunshine, Monarch, Persimmon

Pink - Dahlia, Tea Rose, Azalea, Plum Pudding

We'll keep on adding combinations as we find them, and will see if we can create something fun just for you if you tell us what you want. In general, we'll have 4 fat quarters of cup fabric in the 4 ombre colors and dye the band and elastics to the darkest color. 

There are 4 supportive power net options to choose. Use our regular weight power net for 75% stretch, great comfort, and very good support. Use our 50% stretch firm weight power net for even more support. For maximum support, choose our stabilized firm. Tech sheen is similar to regular weight power net, with a smooth hand and it is opaque. For many sizes, you have enough fabric to make 2 bras. To get the most out of your supplies, order a bra finishing kit in the same or a complimentary color to get a second bra out of your kit.

This kit contains:

  • 4 Kit Cuts of Bra Tulle, one in each color
  • 14.5” x 28” Power net (choose regular or firm weight)
  • 1 1/2 yards of 3/8" upper band elastic
  • 1 1/4 yards of 5/8" lower band elastic 
  • 1 yard of Channeling
  • 1 Three Hooks and Eye unit 
  • Twill tape for seam stabilization (if requested)
  • Strap elastic (with rings and slides for strap styles) and/or strap interfacing
  • Underwires

Sewing Notes:

I like using spray adhesive on the pattern pieces to help me cut this floaty fabric accurately. If you use it, the stabilized cup lining is very stable and easy to sew. It sews similar to a woven fabric, and behaves very nicely.

We offer pins, clips, needles and matching thread here on our site.