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Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit
Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit
Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit
Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit
Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit
Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit
Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit
Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit
Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit
Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit

Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit

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Our Bra Kits take the guesswork out of bra building by putting together everything you'll need to make a beautiful bra using your own pattern. If you need a pattern, we have a great selection on our Patterns Page, both paper and downloadable.

We've got something new and fun, and perfect for keeping it simple as you head into summer! Our Easy Order kits bring a brand new level of simplicity to creating your perfect, one-of-a-kind, me-made wardrobe! We've pulled together three exciting, lush Liberty prints -Paradise, Vintage Road Trip and Strawberry Thief- and paired them with just the right pieces and colors to make your matching bra and panties set. We've chosen the default options, and laid them out in the chart below, so all you have to do is pick your size. But as always- feel free to change it up with your favorites! Just drop us a note in the comments and we'll make sure we customize your kit.

If you've never worked with Liberty London cotton lawn, you're in for a treat! These bra kits are accented with this gorgeous, silky fabric in any way that you choose. Think of the lovely Liberty as lace, but colorful. Make beautiful straps, add accents to the cup or the frame, make a custom hook and eye unit -- the sky's the limit! Liberty lawn is woven from a fine, silky thread and is extremely stable. It isn't prone to raveling like many cottons, so it works beautifully on a bra. It doesn't have any stretch, so I like it better as an accent, kind of like you'd use a rigid lace. Each print has a limited availability, so if you see one you like you should pick it up. It is unlikely to be re-stocked. Plus, we are offering these special bra and panty kits at a sale price, just for this season, and then they'll be gone!

Let me tell you a little bit about these gorgeous prints. Paradise- an explosion of vibrant colors in a lush, wild design, we adore where this print takes us! Exotic blossoms densely cover a navy background, just the way tropical orchids emerge from the warm, jungle shadows. Purples, blues, yellows and a new-growth-green create an energetic split complementary color story that you will want to put on again and again. Our Featured Artist Dee Anne made up this alluring set with Paradise Liberty print paired with Crocus, and we're in love! Dee Anne began with The Bra Makery's Chloe Bra Pattern, and added a portion to accent her undies! 

Antique flea markets, classic neon lights, larger than life roadside attractions, one of a kind diners, quaint motels, Route 66- think of road trips with adventure and fun. All those vintage feels on this stellar print!  Our Featured Artist Dee Anne made her adorable Vintage Road Trip Liberty Bra using Emerald Erin's Black Beauty Bra Pattern. She used Bubble Gum and Sea as her accent colors. We love how fun and unique this print is and how many ways you can use it. Your Easy Order Vintage Road Trip Bra and Panty Kit will include what you need to accent you bra and panties like Dee Anne has- instead of the upper band elastic, you will receive 1 1/2 yards of fold over elastic in Bubble Gum and 1 1/2 yard fold over elastic in Sea. This is the default for this kit, but if you'd like something else, just leave us a note! 

Our third print is Strawberry Thief. This print is a reproduction of William Morris's iconic, traditional English textile from the 1880's. It depicts thrushes eating strawberries, in the original case, stolen from Mr. Morris's kitchen garden. It pairs beautifully with Champagne, a tad bit different than the combination featured in this set pictured, but similar. Liz K made this adorable set for us!

We've put together this kit to make things as simple as possible for you to make your own Paradise Liberty Bra and Panty Set. 

Smaller Larger 
Cup Fabric Kit Cut 1/2 yard
Liberty Cotton Lawn Print 13" x 18" 13" x 18"
14.5" x 28" Power net Regular Firm
1 1/2 yards Upper Band Elastic 3/8" width 3/8" width
1 1/4 yards Lower Band  1/2" width 5/8" width
Plush Channeling 1 yard 1 yard
Hooks and Eyes 3 Hook 3 Hook
Twill Tape (if requested) 1/2 yard 1/2 yard
Strap Elastic with Rings and Sliders 1/2" width 3/4" width
Underwires 1 pair 1 pair
Microlycra Fat 3/8 yard 3/4 yard
Waist Elastic Looped Picot  1 yard  2 yards
Leg Elastic Fancy Narrow Picot 1 1/2 yards 3 yards


For many sizes, you have enough fabric to make 2 bras. To get the most out of your supplies, order a bra finishing kit in your accent color to get a second bra out of your kit. To get the most from your panty fabrics, you can also add extra panty elastic to you kit.

As always, we love to hear what you want and we encourage you to change it up! We've made a big comments box so you can tell us exactly what you've got in mind for your Easy Order Liberty Bra and Panty Kit.

Sewing Notes:

The strength of our microduoplex fabric, which makes it so wonderful for bras, also makes it hard to puncture with needles and pins. This is true with most duoplex fabrics. Use either fine silk pins or Wonder Clips to pin (I find Wonder Clips work best), and a Microtex 80/12 needle with a smooth thread like Superior Threads So Fine or Mettler Metrosene to make it easy to sew. In my testing, the So Fine thread and Microtex 80/12 won the challenge of the nicest stitch on microduoplex, and as long as my presser foot completely covered the seam allowance, I found it just as easy to sew as quilting cotton. I moved the needle to the right to set my seam allowance at 1/4" since my presser foot is a bit wide. A Microtex needle also works great on the Liberty London lawn.

I like using spray adhesive on the pattern pieces to help me cut this floaty fabric accurately. If you use it, the stabilized cup lining is very stable and easy to sew. It sews similar to a woven fabric, and behaves very nicely.

We offer pins, clips, needles and matching thread here on our site.